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By trade, we are both website and internet geeks and came into the CBD industry back in 2017 by chance. We very quickly generated a passion for CBD which has ultimately lead to the creation of CBDiablo.

We learned a lot about Cannabis from our work and saw the potential that the Hemp plant could unlock for our well-being & making positive change. In early 2019, we had become fed-up with our time spent in the CBD industry and made steps to build relationships with industry leaders to build something we could be proud of.

Our branding and ethos are purposely somewhat of a paradox. We really didn’t want to take ourselves too seriously.

We set out to go against the grain and do the opposite of what the industry was doing. We wanted to create something that has depth, provides industry-leading CBD products, and a company that stands up for something!

We have built our ‘Good vs Evil’ brand around the negative perception of Hemp and Cannabis. Hemp (which is part of the Cannabis family) has been illegal since 1928. The action of growing or cultivating the Cannabis (or Hemp) plant was outlawed in 1964 and it’s ‘medical’ use was prohibited in 1971. We wanted our brand to use this ‘bad’ plant, and use it for good.

Well-being and happiness come from the small things and we wish to preserve that mentality in our company. The devil is always in the details. 

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Our Mission

 Poor mental health has that has impacted everyone involved in CBDiablo and is something we all feel strongly about. Mental health in young people has become a crisis and we feel like we need to use our time, personal experiences and skills to help support those suffering from mental health issues. 

Currently, we are going to be giving 20% of our profits into the support of mental health across the UK. As it stands, we are officially sponsoring CALM (Campaign against Living Miserably) and we have been featured on their marketplace. 

Male Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK, which shows us that we need play our part. CALM offer an extremely valuable phone line and point of contact for anybody who feels as though they need to talk, or if you’re worried about somebody you know and need some advice!

We All Have Demons. Talk! It Helps.

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Our Products

The Deity of All CBD

Our CBD products are awesome and we know it. From the very beginning, we have been completely uncompromising when it comes to what is in the bottle. So much so that we are constantly listening to our customers, and tailoring our products to follow the science. From taking full advantage of the entourage effect and whole plant products to using an MCT oil base to improve the absorption rate of CBD. We just want to produce the very best.

We aim to provide something that is effective and of traceable & provable supremacy. The Deity of all CBD oil in the UK. A supreme being. 

Currently you can choose from 500mg/5% CBD oil (Dina) & Full Spectrum 1000mg/10% CBD oil (Diablo) full spectrum hemp seed oils, 1500mg/15% CBD oil (Dian) and 2000mg/20% CBD oil (Deity) 

CBD in MCT oil and a raw hemp extract paste. We’ll also soon be releasing CBD capsules/pills , CBD Concentrates and we just added THC free CBD sprays (2.5% , 5% & 7.5%). 

All of which are available at wholesale / retail deals and contain a meaningful level of CBG

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